“Sensitive without excessive sentimentality, this gem of a book is a deft and thoughtful this is not about sadnessexploration of trauma and its overcoming. Keenly observed, compelling and deeply moving, we’re offered a view of London life that is seldom seen.”

– Paul Gilroy

“Popoola’s novella is unique in its ability to indulge the reader in the vernacular richness of London’s immigrant communities, thrashing sound together in a way that imitates both intimate conversation and the noise of the city.”

– Natsayi Sithole (Wasafiri)


“This unencumbered prose is shaped by the grace of a writer who has an ear and eye for the complexities that lie beneath the veneer of the everyday, especially in a London neighborhood that is home to the many diasporas of colonialism. Olumide Popoola has the gift of turning a reader’s head with the sensory textures of daily encounters without ever descending into mere ‘local color’. In short, this is an exquisitely crafted study of two women who learn how to move between different worlds, how to reach across age difference, how to speak about friendship and sexuality, and how to enter those seemingly “unreachable places” of the psyche that are, as a Popoola character puts it and as one should say of her book, “impossible to dismiss.”

– Yvette Christiansë, author of Imprendehora, Castaway and Unconfessed

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